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Tips for Apartment Hunting

I get it. You wanted to get the full college experience by staying in a dorm ordering pizza for the entire floor with your “emergency credit card” and throwing kick0-ass parties playing beer pong until you pass out and eventually wake up with a massive headache drooling vomit uncontrollably. READ MORE. 

How To Get Into Film School

So you got into college and you’ve finally figured out what you want to do with yourself–go to film school. Next step is actually getting in to fulfill your dreams of becoming a filmmaker. (Corny, I know, but whatever!) Just like nursing students stress about getting into nursing school and lawyers getting into prestigious law schools, it’s a big deal for film majors to get into film school. Just like those other majors, it’s not easy as pie, but we got you over here at Study Breaks. Read on about how to increase your chances of, you know, making your dreams come true. (It’s about marketing yourself.) READ MORE. 

What Has Big Sean Been Up To?

Big Sean blew up last summer when his album Finally Famous dropped. Do you realize that “Ass,” which went double platinum by the way, is still hot almost a whole year later? Well the short guy with big time swag has been hella busy touring the country, shuttin’ shit down and even got signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, say whaaat? READ MORE. 

Best Majors for College Students

Newsflash people, unless you’re crazy-smart (I’m talking mathematician type shit or just love typing numbers into a calculator with ridiculous formulas)  life might not be so lavish. But don’t get too down on yourself; communications major (like me) have wayyyy more fun (and a social life, dammit). READ MORE. 

Trayvon Martin Tragedy

While many of us were preparing for an epic, drunken, and unforgettable Spring Break in Florida, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed on Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman, neighborhood watch captain, with his 9 mm gun in his father’s Orlando subdivision, Retreat at Twin Lakes, for what was labeled as “suspicious” activity. READ MORE. 

College Students and Stress

It’s inevitable in college to get overwhelmed with excessive homework, hardcore exams, relationship drama and family issues that follow you all the way to school from home. You can’t hide from it, so you might as well confront it. Or I have a better idea–prevent stress from escalating up to level 20. Stress can prevent productivity in school, affect sleep pattern, and even attack immune system, which all lead to a disastrous ending. We got you covered on how to manage your stress and survive the rest of the semester! We’ll give you the tips, you just have to follow them. READ MORE. 

Study Abroad Hot Spots

There’s a BIG world out there that  many students take a break from wherever they reside in the U.S.  and hop on a plan to explore countries all over the world for a summer or even a semester. They say studying abroad is like flying to a beach for spring break–you just have to do it. Knock out those language classes you need or tons of other courses offered abroad. But it doesn’t have to be all about learning. Explore the city’s landmarks and, of course, chow down on the authentic food that you just can’t find in the states. In case you have no idea where you want to travel, we have you covered with the most popular destinations. Aaannndd, don’t let the high price tag deter you from expanding your horizons. Instead apply for scholarships and rank in major bank to fit the bill.  Study Abroad! READ MORE. 


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