Longhorn Life

February 2013

Four study abroad myths

1. “I can’t go because I don’t speak another language.”

Juggling languages might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t prevent students from studying abroad. The study abroad office offers many different programs for students to participate in, regardless of the number of languages the student speaks. Faculty-led programs, in particular, are more lenient for students that want to travel to non-English-speaking countries, but don’t have a multi-language background.

Love & Lusting Lingerie

At the cost of looking sexy, one romantic night can become pricey. However, with these flirtatious lingerie pieces, you can look sexy enough to light the fire without extinguishing your bank account.

It’s complicated: dating and social media

AOL chat rooms were once considered a revolutionary communication tool, connecting people next door and countries apart. Two decades after the AOL onslaught, the Internet has skyrocketed to one of our primary communication tools, with endless ways to meet and connect with people. You might find a long-lost elementary school friend. You can apply for a job. You can even find love. Along with our communication, our perceptions of dating have also evolved thanks to the ease and anonymity of the Internet.

Miss Manners’ guide to sex

Q: I’m sexually attracted to one of my best friends, but I don’t want a relationship or to ruin our friendship. What should I do? 

It’s playtime — a guide to adult toy shops in Austin

Just because action figures and Barbie dolls are now a distant memory doesn’t mean college students can’t have a few toys lying around. Austin has many spots where you can get your hands on toys to stimulate grown-up fun. Whether it’s doubling the pleasure with a partner or a solo performance, pledge to have a little more fun this February.

Best of Campus Watch

“What starts here changes the world,” and can end with a court date and an appearance on UTPD’s Campus Watch. Slightly satirically, UTPD compiles a descriptive list of select crimes that happen on the Forty Acres for the Campus Watch report.

Expert Q&A: Drawing city lines with Eliot Tretter

Last November, Austin voters approved the election of city council members from 10 geographic single-member districts, in an amendment known as “Proposition 3,” or “10-1.” Longhorn Life spoke to Dr. Eliot Tretter, a lecturer in the department of geography and the environment in the College of Liberal Arts, about what this redistricting will mean for students, locals and the city as a whole.

October 2012

What’s your fashion stereotype?

While Austin may be known for its “weirdness,” it has a different style in every area code. On campus the students’ sense of fashion is a taste of everything from comfy Nike running shorts and a Longhorn T-shirt to prep-style button-downs, khakis and boat shoes. West of campus you’ll find Greek life fashionistas and beaus decked out in Greek-wear and neon hats. In Hyde Park Austinities effortlessly dress up even for the grocery store. Work hard with the execs in business attire, but play harder in jeans and a T-shirt on the weekend. And take a step back to SoCo with the finest vintage shops in town.

Become a passenger and save the environment

In 2012 Austin was named the eighth worst city for traffic in the United States. Angry Austinites can spend hours stuck in I-35 or Mopac traffic. Instead of trying to navigate Fun Fun Fun Fest traffic and possibly running into stand-stills, try using carpooling website Amovens. We don’t mean soccer-mom-in-mini-van carpooling but catching a ride with other students traveling to the same place – in this case Auditorium Shores. Carpooling saves gas and money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and puts fewer cars on the road.

Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay

Oakland native Kreyshawn is not your typical female, overly sexualized, label-obsessed rapper. She brings the heat lyrically and stylistically, two attributes she will likely convey during her Fun Fun Fun Fest set. But how did Natassia Zolot become Kreayshawn?

The full story: Kreayshawn

Longhorn Life: Where did the name Kreayshawn come from?

Natassia Zolot: I just made it up on day. It was sort of a play from ‘creation,’ (Kreay). I said that I would create something everyday, so I would just lock myself in my room for hours just creating, so Kreayshawn CRE-A-TION.

A method to the madness

The Fucking Mad Men need no introduction to Fun Fun Fun Fest scavenger hunt veterans. To the outside world, they look like a group of four dapper office pals straight from AMC’s “Mad Men.” But during the annual hunt, Molly Richter, Taylor Welden, Riley Johnsen and Drew Mersinger morph into a savage pack that performs morally questionable and ridiculous tasks all for the coveted prize – FFF Fest Pretty Important Person passes and a year of bragging rights. The Fucking Mad Men have taken first place for the last three years.

September 2012

Expert Q&A: Sherri Greenberg

With the recent United States Supreme Court ruling regarding Obama-Care and the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, we sat down with the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs’ Professor Sherri Greenberg to learn her thoughts on the Affordable Care Act and the upcoming election.

Austin’s open-air eateries

Austin is king when it comes to lip-smackin’, finger-lickin’ food. The city has a unique ability to bring cuisine from the rest of the world right to Texas’ capital. Enjoy the last of the summer weather at one of these local eateries and experience some of the best outdoor eating spaces around.

May 2012

New media center set to open this fall

It’s hard to miss the construction on the corner of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe streets, across from the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center. What was once parking lot F27 will now become the Belo Center for New Media, which will house the KUT Public Broadcast Center as well as parts of the College of Communication.

Reward yourself (and friends) with a summer kickback

It’s finally May. You’ve survived late-night cramming and early-morning classes all for this treasured time of the year — summer! Whether this was your last semester or first, you have something to celebrate, because you made it through. What better way to kick off the summer than by throwing a barbeque-by-the-pool kickback?

April 2012

HELP! What’s wrong with my resume?

Students ask this question when applying for internships and scholarships and, more importantly, when searching for a job. Answering this question is far more complicated than students believe because even the smallest mistakes can have the biggest consequences.

How they got jobs: Graduating seniors give us the scoop

After four years of college, your main goal is to get a job, right? But with the competitive job market, many current students will graduate sans a job offer. Not to fret: A degree from The University of Texas at Austin speaks volumes; you just have to market yourself.

Stay tech-savvy with these discounted electronics

Although the idea of camping out over night to be one of the first to get your hands on a hot new gadget may seem exhilarating, waiting a few months could save you some serious cash. Practically every piece of technology goes on sale eventually, especially when companies are constantly releasing new-fangled models of their merchandise. We’ve compiled a list of a few items that have been significantly lowered in price, making those once out of reach essentials a lot closer than you think.

February 2012

Student advice for finding a roommate

College is scary, but what can be even scarier is sharing your limited space with someone. Finding a good roommate can be like searching for the perfect apartment; sometimes it works out the first time, while in other instances, it becomes a scary movie.

NOISE: What is your best advice for finding a roommate

Robin Mannas, sociology senior
“There are a lot of crazy people on craigslist, and you should screen them before letting them move into your home or apartment. I would take the first month’s rent before you let them move in to secure a little bit of ‘street cred’, and have a day-after meeting before committing. The ones that are ready to go RIGHT NOW are usually not good to live with.”

Tunes for your listening pleasure

Maybe you said the wrong thing, or there were things you wanted to say and never did. Either way these songs will say everything you wanted to say, but couldn’t find the words.

Single, and ready to mingle

Every year, the world sets aside one day out of the year to expose how truly single you are while couples are on cloud nine with each other exchanging Russell Stover chocolate and six-foot-tall stuffed polar bears. Don’t spend Feb. 14 moping around, complaining that your biological clock is quickly ticking away or bashing your ex for breaking up through a text message. Instead, toast to your future without your ex and host a singles mixer.

Throw yourself a housewarming party

After searching for the perfect off-campus destination to call home and signing away your paycheck for the next nine months to a year, the next logical step to take in your grown-up life is to throw a housewarming party. Wow your guests with your hidden interior decorating skills and let them bask in the details of your lovely abode. Paying your own bills and finally having a place where you make the rules is a milestone worth a massive celebration. Bless your home with this housewarming party and look forward to the happy memories yet to be made. Here’s what you’ll need.

RECIPES: Super Bowl Snacking

The Super Bowl party is at your place this year, but you don’t want to break the bank feeding your friends. Have fun with these not so common, but quick and cheap recipes that will blow your friends minds.

January 2012

Spring into the semester mentally prepared to tackle your goals

Is your New Year’s resolution to get good grades already seeming like a challenge? Don’t feel defeated by the size of your class or your professor’s track record on giving out C’s. Get mentally prepared now by properly managing your time, stress management and setting goals. It’s a hard knock life out there if you’re unemployed and degree-less, so prepare for the worst before it gets to that point.



New to the Area: Sweet Ritual Desserts

Opening in December and operating inside Daily Juice’s Hyde Park location, Sweet Ritual Desserts is one of the newest sweets dealer in the campus area. Sweet Ritual offers a variety of drool-worthy desserts to please all Longhorns’ diverse tastebuds.

December 2011

Make the most of your free time while home for the holidays

Once you’ve survived finals, it’s time to have some fun and relax before another semester begins. Toss the textbooks, give your brain a break and have some fun during the winter holidays. Here’s how to do it!

Make the Most of Your Free Time While Home for the Holidays

Once you’ve survived finals, it’s time to have some fun and relax before another semester begins. Toss the textbooks, give your brain a break and have some fun during the winter holidays. Here’s how to do it!

November 2011


Shopping Ideas Sure to Please the Whole Family

Yes, it’s about that time again. You’re getting excited for a month of holiday festivities, quality time, and—last but not least—no homework, but your wallet may be hiding in fear of the spending to come. Don’t fret; Longhorn Life has hand-picked the best store for each person on your list, making your holiday shopping easier on your mind and wallet.

Rejuvenating with the Reformer

Celebrities like actress Jennifer Aniston and NBA star Jason Kidd are dropping their everyday gym routines for the Pilates Reformer, a versatile piece of exercise equipment aimed at improving posture, toning muscles and providing pain relief.  Thanks to this celebrity influence, UT’s RecSports is now adding more class times and instructors to its Pilates Reformer series, in hopes of meeting the demands of workout-savvy students, faculty and staff members.


October 2011

New to the Menu: Swirl

Though it many not seem like it outside, summer has transformed into fall — and with the new season comes new flavors at local fro-yo favorite Swirl.


Restaurant Review: Sputnik

It’s hard to find a truly satisfying burger outside of my own kitchen. But now, thanks to new Sixth Street-eatery Sputnik, everything I love about my homemade burger is now possible without help from my George Foreman.

A Halloween Recipe to Sink Your Teeth Into

Get ready for the Halloween holiday with this easy recipe, fit for any dorm or apartment party!

QPOCA welcomes students back with their annual Bloq Party

In an attempt to implement self-empowerment, education and visibility among the Queer People of Color and Allies, QPOCA was birthed as an agency in the Multicultural Engagement Center and welcomes students who are interested in empowering themselves, as well as others. QPOCA is the only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization that joins together queer people of color. “We, [as a society], don’t talk about how queers and people of color intersect, rather how they’re separate,” says Matt Garcia, QPOCA secretary, historian and social chair. “At QPOCA, we educate people on how the two identities intersect and empower people that identify with QPOCA.”




UT Research Briefly

University of Texas at Austin mechanical engineering professor Rick Neptune is a leader in designing and building prosthetics for injured soldiers. READ MORE. 


UT Research Briefly

University of Texas at Austin mechanical engineering professor Rick Neptune is a leader in designing and building prosthetics for injured soldiers. READ MORE. 


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