The State of College Dating

Like many other stunning college women, I’m a busy single girl on my way out of college and guys are one of the last things on my mind. After a sweet relationship turned sour, I’ve more than likely run away from my fair share of serious relationships. But after overhearing about my supervisor gladly deactivating her OkCupid account, and my former classmate gushing about a new dating app, Tinder, during happy hour, I realize I’ve indeed missed out on the dating scene. Is this how the beauties of our generation find dates these days – via dating websites and apps? READ MORE

The (Football) Season for Fashion

As a Texan, it’s a requirement to be prideful, but as a Longhorn, it’s an absolute must to be confident and fashionable. In case you haven’t caught on, tailgates and sporting events are meant to show school pride. That being said, it’s time to ditch the homemade t-shirts with half the football team’s numbers on the back, for fashion-forward items made especially for Texas Longhorns. READ MORE

Fall Wardrobe Must Haves

I was once told, “There has and never will be someone like you,” so why would I dress like anyone? Be an individual. Stand out. And don’t be afraid to be bold. At Austin Fashion Week, I saw how retro looks of the past are turned into contemporary fashion statements from top designers all over the country; perfect for you to make your own statement, fresh from the runway. Take a look at our top five fall must-haves and add a little swag to your fall wardrobe! READ MORE

Obama’s Support for Same-Sex Couples

North Carolina recently banned gay marriage as a constitutional right shocking the entire country and creating an even greater divide between those for gay rights and those opposed. One day after this took place, President Obama announced his support for union among all, regardless of sexual orientation in an interview with ABC News; the first president publicly in favor of gay marriage. READ MORE. 

Planned Parenthood Loses Federal Funding

It wasn’t until this past week that I was informed the Texas Women’s Healthcare Program from Planned Parenthood was null in void providing free birth control, cancer screenings, sexually transmitted disease testing and a plethora of other women’s services for low-income women. I was not informed via telephone, e-mail, nor mail, but when I went to the pharmacy, as I did the month before, to pick up my birth control and the pharmacist told me the WHP no longer covered my birth control. READ MORE. 

Vagina Monologues “Until the Violence Stops”

Women short and tall, curvaceous and slender, young and old took the stage as hysterical, angry, over-the-top, and cheery beings in an attempt to educate and raise awareness of today’s unfortunate reality of female mutilation, the removal of the clitoris. “Until the Violence Stops,” a Vagina Monologues V-day production, celebrates women’s sexuality and raises funds to end brutality towards women. READ MORE. 

Meet the Parents: The College Version

So we know how the dating world goes in college: you see a cute guy at a party, “accidentally” bump into him, exchange numbers and next thing you know you have big Kim Kardashian bling on your finger. Even if that cute guy from the party is your soulmate, there is one major barrier standing between your single status and wedding bells: meeting the family. READ MORE. 


Travel back in time with me. Get home from school, grab a snack, and head straight to the computer. While you’re munching on your pizza rolls, your dial-up is connecting (unless you were cool and had DSL) until—wait—your mom gets on the phone to gossip with her friends. You: “Mom, can you please get off of the phone? I need to do my history homework.” (lies) Mom: “Sure, honey.” READ MORE. 


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