She Shoots

DuPont Circle: DC’s Cultural Pulse

Among all the things that DuPont Circle has to offer in Washington, D.C., Embassy Row, located on Massachusetts Avenue, invites tourists to a world of history. Just steps away from the heart of DuPont Circle at the National Garden, the flowing fountain lit by lighthouses along the perimeter, surrounded by ethnic eateries, bars for all to enjoy, a plethora of embassies, and the world-known the Cathedral of St. Matthew.

Fashion Fights Poverty

The small, but open store made for a perfect venue for the fundraising event that took place on Wednesday evening for Fashion Fights Poverty, a nonprofit organization dedicated to challenging poverty through creative, fashion-related means.

Different Worlds

We live under the same sky, we breathe the same air and,  and for the most part, we eat the same foods (in a broad sense, anyways.) Although all people come from different parts of the world, we’re all human. We all share the planet Earth. But, it’s crazy to think how things could be so different; how one thing is in one part of the world could be the complete opposite in another part of the world.

Dr. Clancy Interview

Dr. Cathleen Clancy was born and raised in New York City by her Irish father and Mexican mother. Growing up under the influence of two distinct cultures, she was expected to work very hard and nothing less. Today, she serves as the Assistant Medical Director of the National Capitol Poison Center in Washington, DC and is a proud Irish-Mexican-American.

via – Hispanic Link Diaspora Project

Arturo Sarukhan, Mexican Ambassador Interview

My WMI classmates and I had the opportunity to interview the Mexican Ambassador, Arturo Sarukhan, about the diaspora of Mexicans in the United States


From rap to Folk music, music is constantly evolving, but it remains the same at its core – its beat and the artist colliding – perhaps as a getaway from the sorrows of society or a mirror to life’s harsh reality. However, loopists, record tracks and layer them to create music with or without an instrument, a foot pedal, and passion bleeding through each chord. Loopists have created a genre of their own, a little indie, classic and rock closely blend together rejecting societal norms and cultivating a space to call their own by utilizing advances in technology to climb the ladder of success.


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